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Prepares for an Extended Service Request (PECL yaz:0.9-1.0.9)
void yaz_es ( resource id, string type, array args )

This function prepares for an Extended Service Request. Extended Services is family of various Z39.50 facilities, such as Record Update, Item Order, Database administration etc.


Many Z39.50 Servers do not support Extended Services.

The yaz_es() creates an Extended Service Request packages and puts it into a queue of operations. Use yaz_wait() to send the request(s) to the server. After completion of yaz_wait() the result of the Extended Service operation should be expected with a call to yaz_es_result().



The connection resource returned by yaz_connect().


A string which represents the type of the Extended Service: itemorder (Item Order), create (Create Database), drop (Drop Database), commit (Commit Operation), update (Update Record), xmlupdate (XML Update). Each type is specified in the following section.


An array with extended service options plus package specific options. The options are identical to those offered in the C API of ZOOM C. Refer to the ZOOM » Extended Services.

Return Values

No value is returned.


Example 2675. Record Update

= yaz_connect("myhost/database");
$args = array (
"record" => "<gils><title>some title</title></gils>",
"syntax" => "xml",
"action" => "specialUpdate"
yaz_es($con, "update", $args);
$result = yaz_es_result($id);