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vpopmail Functions



This extension is EXPERIMENTAL. The behaviour of this extension -- including the names of its functions and anything else documented about this extension -- may change without notice in a future release of PHP. Use this extension at your own risk.

This extension has been moved from PHP as of PHP 4.3.0 and now vpopmail lives in » PECL.


As of PHP 4, these functions are only available if PHP was configured with --with-vpopmail[=DIR].

Table of Contents

vpopmail_add_alias_domain_ex — Add alias to an existing virtual domain
vpopmail_add_alias_domain — Add an alias for a virtual domain
vpopmail_add_domain_ex — Add a new virtual domain
vpopmail_add_domain — Add a new virtual domain
vpopmail_add_user — Add a new user to the specified virtual domain
vpopmail_alias_add — Insert a virtual alias
vpopmail_alias_del_domain — Deletes all virtual aliases of a domain
vpopmail_alias_del — Deletes all virtual aliases of a user
vpopmail_alias_get_all — Get all lines of an alias for a domain
vpopmail_alias_get — Get all lines of an alias for a domain
vpopmail_auth_user — Attempt to validate a username/domain/password
vpopmail_del_domain_ex — Delete a virtual domain
vpopmail_del_domain — Delete a virtual domain
vpopmail_del_user — Delete a user from a virtual domain
vpopmail_error — Get text message for last vpopmail error
vpopmail_passwd — Change a virtual user's password
vpopmail_set_user_quota — Sets a virtual user's quota