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The following data-bound controls display data from both the ADO data control and the RDO RemoteData control. These are known as the simple data-bound controls because they only display one value at a time.

For information about using ActiveX controls, see Inserting the Control into a Visual C++ Application and Setting Control Properties at Design Time.

To insert a simple data-bound control and connect it to a data source

  1. Set the DataSource property to a data control.

  2. Set the DateField or DataField property to a column with an appropriate data type for the control.

    Control name and support file Description




    The Calendar control displays a view of a given month. It displays the current date highlighted in the month based on the date field returned by the data control; if the value is not valid, it simply displays the current month.

    Microsoft Date and Time Picker



    The Date and Time Picker control allows a user to pick a date and time from a drop-down calendar and display it as formatted text.

    The format date strings use the same arguments as specified in the Visual Basic Programmer's Reference.

    Microsoft Masked Edit



    The Masked Edit control allows users to work with text data through a formatting mask. Formatting is supported by a Visual Basic–specific internal interface, IVBFormat, and thus is not accessible programmatically (even though wrapper classes will be generated for the formatting properties).

    Microsoft MonthView



    The MonthView control displays a view of a given month, with the current date highlighted. The MonthView control is one of the new common controls, designed with Internet issues in mind. It provides a wider range of functionality than the Calendar control, such as multiple selection of dates and additional options for marking days.

    Microsoft RichText



    The RichText control is based on the RichText 1.0 component from Microsoft Word. It allows users to edit text with most common text editing features. It can load, link, and embed OLE objects. It also allows users to print a selection of text. It persists files in RTF format using the LoadFile and SaveFile methods.

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JavaScript EditorDhtml editor     Free javascript download