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Creates a new, empty visual class library (.vcx) file.




Specifies the name of the visual class library to create. If a visual class library with the name you specify already exists and SET SAFETY is ON, Visual FoxPro asks if you'd like to overwrite the existing visual class library. If SET SAFETY is OFF, the existing file is automatically overwritten. If you don't specify an extension for the file name, Visual FoxPro automatically assigns a .vcx extension.


Class definitions can be added to a visual class library with ADD CLASS and CREATE CLASS.


The following example uses CREATE CLASSLIB to create a visual class library named myclslib. A class named myform based on the Visual FoxPro Form base class is created and is stored in the myclslib visual class library. SET CLASSLIB is used to open the myclslib visual class library so that classes within it can be used.

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CREATE CLASSLIB myclslib     && Creates a new .VCX visual class library
CREATE CLASS myform OF myclslib AS "Form"  && Creates new class 
SET CLASSLIB TO myclslib ADDITIVE     && Opens MyClsLib.VCX

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