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Closes .vcx visual class libraries containing class definitions.

RELEASE CLASSLIB ClassLibraryName1 | ALIAS AliasName1
   [, ClassLibraryName2 | ALIAS AliasName2 ...]
   [IN APPFileName | EXEFileName]


ClassLibraryName1 | ALIAS AliasName1

Specifies the name or alias of a visual class library file to close.
ClassLibraryName2 | ALIAS AliasName2 ...

Specifies the names or aliases of additional visual class library files to close.
IN APPFileName | EXEFileName

Specifies a Visual FoxPro application file (.app) or executable file (.exe) containing the visual class library.


.Vcx visual class libraries are opened with SET CLASSLIB. Once the library is open, the class definitions within the visual class library are available to programs and from the Command window.

To close all open visual class libraries, issue SET CLASSLIB TO without any additional arguments.


The following example uses CREATE CLASSLIB to create a visual class library named myclslib. A class named myform based on the Visual FoxPro Form base class is created and is stored in the myclslib visual class library. SET CLASSLIB is used to open the myclslib visual class library so that classes within it can be used. RELEASE CLASSLIB is then used to close the myclslib visual class library.

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CREATE CLASSLIB myclslib     && Creates a new .VCX visual class library
CREATE CLASS myform OF myclslib AS "Form"  && Creates new class 
SET CLASSLIB TO myclslib ADDITIVE     && Opens MyClsLib.VCX

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