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Occurs when the user presses and releases the mouse button twice in quick succession.

PROCEDURE Object.DblClick


Applies To: CheckBox Control | ComboBox Control | CommandGroup Control | Container Object | Control Object | EditBox Control | Form Object | Grid Control | Header Object | Image Control | Label Control | Line Control | ListBox Control | OptionButton Control | OptionGroup Control | Page Object | PageFrame Control | Shape Control | Spinner Control | TextBox Control | ToolBar Object

The DblClick event also occurs when you select an item in a list box or a combo box and press ENTER.

If DblClick does not occur within the system's double-click time limit, the object recognizes another Click event. Therefore, when you attach procedures for these related events, make sure that their actions do not conflict. Controls that do not receive DblClick events may receive two single clicks instead of a double-click.

If the mouse has more than one button, you can distinguish between the left, right, and middle mouse buttons using the MouseDown and MouseUp events.

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