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If you are a new developer on a project that's already under source control, you must join the project before you can check files out and in. When you join a project, Visual FoxPro creates a local project list file and generates a current project file (.pjx file) for you.

To join an existing project

  1. From the File menu, choose Join Source Control Project.

  2. In the Open Project dialog box, select the server and directory that contains the Visual FoxPro project file you want to join.

  3. Set the working directory on your local machine; this specifies where the source control system will place files when you check them out and where it will look when you check them back in. For example, if you're using Visual SourceSafe as your source control provider, choose Browse from the Directory area and select an existing directory, or type the name of a new directory.

    All developers on a project must use the same directory structure for the files in a project, although the names of individual subdirectories can differ.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development