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Specifies the icon displayed as the pointer during a drag-and-drop operation. Available at design time and run time.

Control.DragIcon[ = cIcon]

Return Value


Specifies the file that contains the icon to use as the mouse pointer. Typically, you specify the icon file using the Properties window at design time. The file you specify must have the .cur extension and be saved in VGA-Mono 2-Color 32 x 32 format. If you try to use a color .cur file, an error message is generated. You can use ImageEdit, to create a two-color .cur file. If you omit cIcon, an arrow pointer inside a rectangle is used.


Applies To: CheckBox Control | ComboBox Control | CommandButton Control | CommandGroup Control | Container Object | Control Object (Visual FoxPro) | EditBox Control | Grid Control | Image Control (Visual FoxPro) | Label Control (Visual FoxPro) | Line Control | ListBox Control | OLE Bound Control | OLE Container Control | OptionButton Control | OptionGroup Control | Page Object | Shape Control | Spinner Control | TextBox Control (Visual FoxPro)

DragIcon is useful for providing visual feedback during a drag operation — for instance, to indicate that the source control is over an appropriate target. DragIcon takes effect when the user initiates dragging. Typically, you set DragIcon during a MouseDown or DragOver event.

If you set the DragIcon property at design time and the file you specify does not exist, Visual FoxPro displays an error message, but the property remains set to the file you specified. Visual FoxPro ignores the DragIcon property at run time if it is set to a file that does not exist.

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