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These Solution samples illustrate application development tasks you can perform with databases.

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Create a Default Unique ID Value for a Field Sample

Illustrates how to use a stored procedure in a database to provide a default primary key value.
Create Small Indexes Using BINTOC(В ) Sample

Illustrates how to use various indexing schemes using numeric and integer data types to reduce index size and disk space.
Index on Expressions Sample

Illustrates several options you can consider when using a character field to represent a unique ID, often comprised of numeric data.
Nest Transactions Sample

Illustrates beginning, ending, and rolling back transactions.
Programmatically Check Table Properties Sample

Illustrates how to retrieve information about a table at run time.
Sort or Order a Table at Run Time Sample

Illustrates how to change the order in which table records are listed.
Use DBC Events Sample

Illustrates how database events make it possible for you to perform actions when a database and its objects are opened, accessed, or manipulated.


Sample Class Libraries

Contains sample class libraries that provide encapsulated functionality you can add to your applications.
Visual FoxPro Foundation Classes A-Z

Describes Visual FoxPro Foundation classes you can use for rapid application development.
Reference (Visual FoxPro)

Includes Visual FoxPro general, programming language, user interface, and error message reference topics.

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Solution Samples

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Server Samples (Visual FoxPro)

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Provides step-by-step instructions for common scenarios, making them a good place to begin learning about the various features of Visual FoxPro.

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