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When you have multiple tables, you can use data sessions to control the tables that forms can access and work areas to determine which tables are open in data sessions.

In This Section

Work Areas in Data Sessions

Introduces using work areas in data sessions and table aliases to identify open tables.
Temporary Relationships Between Tables

Introduces how to move the record pointer in a table when it moves in another table by setting temporary relationships between tables.
How to: Open Tables in Work Areas

Describes how to open tables in work areas.
How to: Create and Use Table Aliases

Describes how to create use-defined aliases and reference tables in other work areas using aliases.
How to: Set Temporary Relationships Between Tables

Describes how to set temporary relationships between tables or in a single table.
How to: Close Tables in Work Areas

Describes how to close tables in work areas.

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Creating Databases

Describes creating databases and working with tables associated with databases.
Creating Tables

Introduces creating tables and considerations for creating tables.
Managing Tables

Discusses tasks you can perform to manage tables.

JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development