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You can perform different tasks to manage tables.

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How to: Open Tables (Visual FoxPro)

Describes how to open free tables, database tables, and tables in projects.
How to: Copy Tables

Describes how to copy the structure and contents of a table to a new table.
How to: Save a Table as HTML

Describes how to save the contents of a table as HTML.
How to: Close Tables

Describes how to close tables.
How to: Delete Tables

Describes how to delete tables.
Managing Tables in Data Sessions

Describes how to manage tables in data sessions, which are separate working environments for a form, form set, or report.

Related Sections

Creating Tables

Introduces creating tables and considerations for creating tables.
Creating Databases

Describes creating databases and working with tables associated with databases.
Working with Tables

Discusses how to structure your tables to meet your application requirements. Data type and index choices are essential to the success of your application.

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