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Saves an object as an .scx file.

Object.SaveAs(cFileName [, oDataEnvironment])



Specifies the .scx file to which you want to save the object.

Specifies a reference to a DataEnvironment object. The DataEnvironment object must have its Name property set to "DataEnvironment".


Applies To: DEFINE CLASS | Form | FormSet | _SCREEN

Use the SaveAs method to create a form or form set and save it as an .scx file. The SaveAs method is only available during an interactive Visual FoxPro session.

When you use the SaveAs method, all the properties, events, and methods associated with the object are stored as well. Note that only objects created from Visual FoxPro base classes can be saved. User-defined classes cannot be saved. For a complete list of the Visual FoxPro base classes, see Base Classes in Visual FoxPro.

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