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Saves an instance of an object as a class definition in a class library.

Object.SaveAsClass(ClassLibName, ClassName [, Description])



Specifies the name of the .vcx file in which to store the class definition.

Specifies the name assigned to the class.

Specifies the optional description for the class.


Applies To: CheckBox | Collection Class | ComboBox | CommandButton | CommandGroup | Container Object | Control Object | Custom | EditBox | Exception Class | Form | FormSet | Grid | Image | Label | Line | ListBox | OLE Bound Control | OLE Container Control | OptionButton | OptionGroup | PageFrame | ProjectHook Object | ReportListener Object | _SCREEN | Shape | Spinner | TextBox | Timer | ToolBar

When you use the SaveAsClass method, all the properties, events, and methods associated with the object are stored as part of the class definition.

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