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It is difficult to anticipate all the values that a user might need to enter into a control. The following controls make it possible for you to accept user input that cannot be predetermined:

In This Section

User Input in Text Boxes

Describes how text boxes make it possible for users to enter or edit data stored in non-memo fields.
User Input in Edit Boxes

Describes how edit boxes make it possible for users to edit text from character fields or memo fields.
User Input in Combo Boxes

Describes how combo boxes make it possible for users to select items from a list or enter new items.
How to: Use Check Boxes to Specify States

Describes how check boxes make it possible for users to specify a Boolean state.
How to: Define User Input Characteristics

Describes how to control the type of input the user enters.
Accepting Numeric Input in a Given Range

Describes how to ensure that users enter values within a specific range.
How to: Set the Number of Option Buttons in an Option Button Group

Describes how to set the number of option buttons that the user can choose from.
Setting Option Button Properties

Describes how to set properties for option buttons.
How to: Store User Choices to a Table Using Option Buttons

Describes how to use option buttons obtain information and store it in a table.

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Using Controls

Describes controls you can use to manage interactions between users and your application.
Controls for Displaying Lists

Describes the common uses, methods, and properties of list boxes and drop-down list boxes.
Controls for Displaying Information

Explains various Visual FoxPro controls and objects that can display and order information.
Controls for Manipulating Rows of Data

Describes the common uses, methods, and properties of the Visual FoxPro grid control.
Controls for Allowing Specific Actions

Describes the Visual FoxPro controls that allow users to take specific preprogrammed actions either by user interaction or by timed delay.
Controls for Extending Forms

Describes how the Page Frame object and the use of ActiveX controls can expand the workable area and use of Visual FoxPro forms.

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