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The Visual FoxPro 9 Report System includes a number of new features designed for extensibility, including a new ReportListener base class. When you use ReportListener-based classes, the Visual FoxPro Report Engine executes your REPORT FORM or LABEL FORM command in a new, object-assisted, reporting mode.

The classes in the _REPORTLISTENER.vcx Foundation Class Library showcases these features, and provide easy access to the derived ReportListener classes delivered with the Report Output Application.

The ReportListener-based classes in this class library are identical to the classes built into the Report Output Application. However, they do not rely on REPORTOUTPUT.APP. When you want to leverage these classes in applications, you can include the _REPORTLISTENER.vcx class library from the Foundation Class (FFC) folder into your project and be assured that you have all the necessary files.

Some of the classes in this library utilize helper classes you will find in a companion library, _FRXCURSOR.vcx, also included in the Foundation Class folder. When you build _REPORTLISTENER.vcx into your application, the Project Manager will take note of the reference to the _FRXCURSOR class library and include the appropriate files automatically.

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Class Description

ReportListener Base Foundation Class

This class, _ReportListener, serves as the superclass for the other classes in _REPORTLISTENER.vcx, and provides core services, similar to the superclasses for other Visual FoxPro base classes available in _BASE.vcx.

ReportListener Utility and File-handling Foundation Class

The UtilityReportListener class provides run-time configuration options and file-handling.

ReportListener User Feedback Foundation Class

The UpdateListener class provides user feedback during report runs. The Report Output Application uses UpdateListener as its designated default ReportListener class for Print and Preview output (ListenerType values 0 and 1).

ReportListener XML Foundation Class

The XmlListener class provides XML output from a report run. The Report Output Application uses XmlListener as its designated default ReportListener class for XML output (ListenerType value 4).

ReportListener XML Display-Style Foundation Class

XmlDisplayListener tunes XmlListener's XML settings suitably for presentation output needs, and adds image-file-publishing functionality.

ReportListener HTML Foundation Class

HtmlListener applies custom specifications for HTML production to XmlDisplayListener's XML output. The Report Output Application uses HtmlListener as its designated default ReportListener class for HTML output (ListenerType value 5).

ReportListener Debug Foundation Class

The DebugListener class provides debugging output to help developers understand what happens during an object-assisted report run.

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