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Genhtml.prg is the default program called by the _GENHTML system variable.

You can use _GenHTML to easily collect static data or to convert forms, labels, reports, and menus for viewing or transmitting in email or posting as Web pages. You can use _GenHTML to share data with sites that don't have Visual FoxPro installed or to create templates for use in Web pages.

GenHTML.PRG is accessed from the File menu when you choose the Save As HTML option. This menu option is available when the Form Designer, Label Designer, Menu Designer, or Report Designer is active or when a table or cursor is open in a Browse window. GenHTML uses the specified data source as the basis for generating an HTML document using classes contained in the _HTML.VCX class library.

You can run GenHTML from the Command window with the following syntax:

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DO (_GENHTML) WITH <cOutFile> <cSourceFile> [, <nShow>][,<vIELink>][,...

parameter description


Default = ""

Specifies the name of the output file. When specify no extension, .HTM is the default.


Default: = ""

Specifies the source file name, alias or object.


Default: = 0

Specifies whether GenHTML will create and open the output file. tnShow can take the following values: 0 = Generate output file1 = Generate and display output file in Visual FoxPro editor.2 = Generate and display output file in Internet Explorer.3 = Generate and display output file after using a Save As dialog box4 = Create PUBLIC _oHTML object and generate a file.5 = Create a PUBLIC _oHTML object without generating a file.



Specifies a link to an Internet Explorer object or Web browser control.



Specifies a reference to an Internet Explorer object.



Specifies a Style ID in GenHTML.DBF.



Specifies the scope of scan by setting the cScope property.



Specifies the class, and optionally, the class library that is instantiated for HTML object.

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