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You can reinstall Visual FoxPro by uninstalling it and then installing it again. You can uninstall Visual FoxPro from the Start menu or from the original installation disk.

To uninstall Visual FoxPro

  1. On the Start menu, click Control Panel.

  2. In the Control Panel window, double-click Add or Remove Programs.

    The Add or Remove Programs window opens.

  3. In the Currently installed programs list, click the version of Microsoft Visual FoxPro you want to uninstall, and then Change/Remove.

If you reinstall Visual FoxPro or reinstall to another location, you might want to clean your user settings and other files installed by Visual FoxPro before reinstalling.

You can remove these files by deleting the contents of the ...\Application Data\Microsoft\Visual FoxPro folder inside your user settings folder. To determine the location of the Application Data folder, type ? HOME(7) in the Command window. These files include your FoxUser.* resource files, which contain user settings, and folders for the Toolbox and Task Pane.

However, it is possible that your resource files are in another location. You can determine their location by typing the following in the Command window:

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? SYS(2005)

You should delete old Code Reference files that might be associated with projects in the project directories. These are labeled as projectname_ref.* files. You might also need to restore the default Visual FoxPro registry settings.

Visual FoxPro includes the tool so you can make sure all core Xbase and other files are set appropriately.

To run

  • Type the following line of code in the Command window:

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development 
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