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The following sections describe information about installing Visual FoxPro.

In This Section

Requirements for Installing Visual FoxPro

Describes system requirements for installing Visual FoxPro.
How to: Install Visual FoxPro

Describes how to install Visual FoxPro.
How to: Install Additional Applications

Describes how to install other applications included with Visual FoxPro.
How to: Reinstall Visual FoxPro

Describes how to reinstall Visual FoxPro or install Visual FoxPro to another location.
Troubleshooting Installation

Describes potential issues you might encounter when installing Visual FoxPro.

Related Sections

Customizing the Visual FoxPro Environment

Explains how you can optimize your computer system, configure Visual FoxPro and development environment settings, restore your desktop, and how people with disabilities can improve accessibility to Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Windows.
Upgrading from Earlier Versions

Describes how Visual FoxPro protects your investment in applications built in previous versions of FoxPro.
Getting Started with Visual FoxPro

Provides information about where to find the Readme file, installing and upgrading from previous versions, configuring Visual FoxPro, and customizing the development environment.

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