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Occurs on a drag source when a drop target calls the GetData method.

LPARAMETERS oDataObject, eFormat

Return Value


An object reference to OLE drag-and-drop DataObject, used with the SetData method to place data in the DataObject.

A numeric or character value that indicates the format of the data the GetData method requests. The drag source uses this value to determine the format of the data to place in the DataObject. See the GetData method for a table that lists the numeric or character values for each data format and a description of each format.


Applies To: CheckBox | ComboBox | CommandButton | CommandGroup | Container Object | Control Object | EditBox | Form | Grid | Image | Label | Line | ListBox | OptionButton | OptionGroup | Page | PageFrame | Shape | Spinner | TextBox | ToolBar

OLESetData is a drag source event. Including NODEFAULT has no effect on the behavior of this method.

The OLESetData event occurs when the GetData method is executed. Within the OLESetData event you can place data in the DataObject in the specified format with the SetData method. This technique is called "delay rendering" and allows you to put data on the DataObject only when it is requested.

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