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Visual FoxPro includes the capability to work with classes as part of providing the features of object-oriented programming. When you design and create a class, you are building a template so you can create objects from that class. Visual FoxPro includes designers and other tools for creating and managing classes.

In This Section

Classes in Visual FoxPro

Provides an overview of classes in Visual FoxPro and discusses the benefits that classes provide.
Base Classes in Visual FoxPro

Provides a list of the base classes provided in Visual FoxPro.
Subclasses in Visual FoxPro

Provides an overview of subclasses in Visual FoxPro and provides possible uses for them.
Considerations for Creating Classes

Contains information on best practices for creating classes.
How to: Create Classes and Subclasses

Describes how to create classes and subclasses using the Visual FoxPro Class Designer or programmatically.
How to: Implement Strong Typing for Class, Object, and Variable Code

Describes how to implement strong typing so that you have more control over code and can make IntelliSense available for certain Visual FoxPro elements.
How to: Modify Classes

Describes how to modify a class using the Class Designer and when it is in a project.
How to: Add Properties to Classes

Describes how you can add custom properties to a class.
How to: Create Access and Assign Methods

Describes how you can create new Access and Assign Methods for properties.
How to: Add Methods to Classes

Describes how you can add custom methods to a class.
How to: Add Code to Methods and Events

Describes how to add custom code to a method or event.
How to: Modify Class and Class Member Attributes

Describes how to add or edit the description for classes and attributes for custom properties and methods.
How to: Remove Properties and Methods from Classes

Describes how to remove custom properties and methods from a class.
How to: Specify Design-Time Appearance for Classes

Describes how you can specify the appearance of non-visual classes in design-time.
How to: Add Classes to Visual FoxPro Tools

Describes how to add custom classes to the Visual FoxPro Toolbox and Form Controls toolbar and how to register a class library.
Access and Assign Methods

Provides an overview about Access and Assign methods that you can use to execute code when querying or attempting to change the value of a property.
Protecting and Hiding Class Members

Provides an overview about designating properties and methods as hidden or protected.
Overriding Default Property Settings

Provides an overview about overriding the default setting of a property for a user-defined class.
Overriding and Calling Parent Class Code

Provides an overview about how to call or override parent class code.

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Introduces objects in Visual FoxPro and how to create and use them.
Understanding the Event Model

Introduces events and how you can use them to perform operations when the system or user performs an action.
Object-Oriented Programming

Discusses how you can create self-contained application components that respond to user actions and to the system and which can be easily maintained and reused.
Programming in Visual FoxPro

Describes how understanding object-oriented programming techniques and the event-driven model can maximize your programming productivity.

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