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This section includes topics on API library routines, system events, and key codes.

In This Section

API Library Routines A-Z

Contains an alphabetical listing of the API Library Routines.
API Library Routines by Category

Contains a categorized list of the API Library Routines.
Visual FoxPro System Events (API Library Construction)

Lists each Microsoft Visual FoxPro event along with the layout of its event record fields and a description of when the event occurs.
Visual FoxPro Key Codes (API Library Construction)

Provides information about keyboard keys and how Visual FoxPro interprets them depending on the modifier with which they are combined.

Related Sections

Accessing the Visual FoxPro API

Describes how you can write your own Microsoft ActiveX control or Visual FoxPro -specific dynamic-link library (.fll file). By calling the functions available in the API available in Visual FoxPro, you can create controls or libraries that are tightly integrated with and optimized for use in Visual FoxPro
Extending Visual FoxPro with External Libraries

Discusses how you can add Microsoft ActiveX controls (.ocx files) to your application easily, providing you with new objects to use in forms, to subclass, and to manage the way you work with native Visual FoxPro controls.
Language Reference

Includes topics on controls, objects, properties, methods, events, statements, functions, and constants.
Developing Visual FoxPro Applications

Includes conceptual information about how to develop Visual FoxPro applications, instructions for creating databases and the user interface, and other tasks needed to create Visual FoxPro applications.
Programming in Visual FoxPro

Describes how you can access the full power of Visual FoxPro by creating applications. Understanding object-oriented programming techniques and the event-driven model can maximize your programming productivity.

JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development 
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