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Returns the hWnd of a client window from the parent window's WHANDLE.




Specifies an integer WHANDLE to a FoxPro window. A WHANDLE is an internal Visual FoxPro structure (represented by an integer) that is a wrapper around an inner client window's hWnd.

Return Value


SYS(2325) returns the hWnd (Window Handle) for a client window (WCLIENTWINDOW) of a specified Visual FoxPro parent window. nWHANDLE is returned if nWHANDLE is valid but there is no WCLIENTWINDOW. 0 is returned if nWHANDLE is invalid.


This function is intended for use with routines in the Visual FoxPro API Library Construction Kit. See the API Library Construction topic for more information about creating API libraries.

In Visual FoxPro 9.0, BINDEVENT(В ) supports binding to Window Message (Win Msg) events. BINDEVENT(В ) catches events passed to a hWnd (Window Handle). Many Visual FoxPro windows have an inner client window of type WCLIENTWINDOW which has its own hWnd. SYS(2325) lets you determine the hWnd of an inner client window.

SYS(2327) and SYS(2326) can be used to convert between a hWnd (Window Handle) and a Visual FoxPro WHANDLE.

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