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Makes it possible for you to save a form or selected controls on a form as a class definition. If you plan to create subclasses based on the form or reuse the controls for other forms, save the form as a class.

This dialog box appears when you select Save As Class on the File menu.


Specifies the part of the form to save as a class definition.
  • Selected ControlsВ В В Saves only the selected controls as a class definition.

  • Current FormВ В В Saves the active form as a class definition.

  • Entire Form SetВ В В Saves a collection of related forms as a class definition. This command is enabled after you use the Create FormSet command on the Form menu.

  • DataEnvironmentВ В В Saves a form's data environment and any contained cursors or cursor adapters in the specified visual class library (.vcx) file.

As Class

Specifies the class definition to which to save the selected controls, entire form, or form set.
  • NameВ В В Specifies the name assigned to the class.

  • FileВ В В Specifies the name of the .vcx file in which to store the class definition.

  • DescriptionВ В В Specifies the optional description for the class.

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