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Allows you to create, edit, hide, and customize toolbars.


Lists available toolbars. Selected toolbars are tiled or displayed in the active output window.

Displays the NewToolbar dialog box, where you can enter a name for your new toolbar.

Returns the selected toolbar to its built-in version. This button changes to Delete if you select a custom toolbar. You cannot reset a custom toolbar.

Deletes the selected custom toolbar. This button changes to Reset if you select a built-in toolbar. You cannot delete a built-in toolbar.

Displays the Customize Toolbar Dialog Box so that you can add and delete toolbar buttons.


Color Buttons

Displays colored buttons on both built-in and customized toolbars. Clear this check box if you are using a black-and-white monitor.
Large Buttons

Displays toolbar buttons that are larger than the standard size. If your monitor has a high resolution, you may want to display larger buttons.
Show ToolTips

Displays the name of the button when you place the pointer over any button on a toolbar.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development