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The Command window is a Visual FoxPro system window. When you choose menu commands, Visual FoxPro language commands are echoed in the Command window.

You can also type Visual FoxPro commands directly into the Command window. In the Command window, you can:

You can change font, line spacing and indentation by selecting the appropriate command from the Format Menu.

Right-click in the Command window to display a shortcut menu with these options:

Persistence of Contents

The contents of the Command window are saved to a file, _command.prg, automatically unless the noRecentDocHistory system policy is enabled or you are not using a FoxUser resource file. You can clear the window by selecting Clear from the Command Window shortcut menu. To enable its use by multiple instances of Visual FoxPro, the file is only read when starting Visual FoxPro, and written when exiting Visual FoxPro. The file is located in the same directory as the FoxUser resource file. You can determine or change the location of the resource file from the Options dialog box, File Locations tab, or via language using SET("RESOURCE") or SET RESOURCE respectively.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development 
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