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Visual FoxPro expressions combine data and operators to create a value with a specific data type. When you need to supply a value with a specific data type, you can also supply an expression.

In This Section

Creating Character Expressions

Introduces character expressions for providing character values.
Creating Visual FoxPro Names

Introduces names used by data containers, commands, and functions in Visual FoxPro.
Name Expression Creation

Introduces name expressions as substitutes for Character variable and array element values for names needed by commands and functions.
Macro Substitution (Visual FoxPro)

Introduces using macro substitution for replacing names with variables.
Creating Numeric Expressions

Introduces numeric expressions for providing numeric values.
Creating Logical Expressions

Introduces logical expressions for providing logical values.
Creating Date Expressions

Introduces date expressions for providing date values.
Using Commands and Functions

Introduces using expressions with Visual FoxPro commands and functions.
Trimming and Concatenating Expressions

Explains trimming values in fields and concatenating expressions into a single expression.
Operating the Expression Builder

Describes how to create expressions in the Expression Builder when it is available.

Related Sections

General Reference

Includes Visual FoxPro-related technical information, including file types, file structures, and other reference information about Visual FoxPro elements.

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