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Places a specified form or control at the front or back of the z-order within its graphical level. Places a control contained by the ToolBar object at the front or back of the controls array that determines the order in which controls appear in the toolbar.


Return Value


Specifies an integer indicating the position of the object relative to other objects. If you omit nOrder, the setting is 0.

Setting Description

0В В В 

(Default) The object is positioned at the front of the z-order.

1В В В 

The object is positioned at the back of the z-order.


Applies To: CheckBox | ComboBox | CommandButton | CommandGroup | Container Object | Control Object | EditBox | Form | Grid | Image | Label | Line | ListBox | OLE Bound Control | OLE Container Control | OptionButton | OptionGroup | Page | PageFrame | _SCREEN | Shape | Spinner | TextBox | ToolBar

There are two graphical layers associated with objects. The back layer is the drawing space, where the results of the graphics methods appear, and the front layer is the object layer. The contents of one layer covers the contents of the layer behind. The ZOrder method arranges objects only within the layer where the object appears.

For a Page object, the ZOrder method does not affect the PageOrder property setting. ZOrder only determines the Page that is on top and active.

For more information about using controls, see Using Controls.

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