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Makes it possible for you to see when each event occurs in relation to other events. Use this dialog box to determine the most efficient place to include your code.

This dialog box appears when you choose Event Tracking from the Tools Menu, Debugger Window.

Turn event tracking on

Toggles event tracking on or off. When event tracking is enabled, every time a system event in the Events to track list occurs, the name of the event is displayed in the DebugВ Output window or written to a file.
Available events

Displays all available events that are not selected for tracking.
If you are not specifically working with mouse movements, remove the MouseMove event from the Events to track list. MouseMove events typically occur very frequently.

Events to track

Displays all events that you want to track.

Send Output To

Debugger Output Window

Toggles whether tracked events are listed in the Debug Output window. If the Debug Output window is not open, events will not be listed, even if the Debug Output Window box is set.

Specifies a file for the tracked events to be written to. The dialog button makes it possible for you to select a file from the Open dialog box.

Specifies that tracked events are written after the current contents of an existing file, preserving the original contents.

Specifies that tracked events replace the contents of the specified file.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development