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Add Menu Items at Run Time Sample

Illustrates how to add menu items to a menu at run time.
Add Personalized Menus Sample

Illustrates how to add personalized menus similar to those in Microsoft Office 2000.
Change Font Attributes Sample

Illustrates how to use a toolbar to set font and color properties for controls on a form.
Coordinate Menu Items and Toolbar Buttons Sample

Illustrates how to coordinate menu items and toolbar buttons that provide the same functionality.
Create Dynamic Shortcut Menus Sample

Illustrates how to alternatively create shortcut menus.
Disable or Display a Check beside a Menu Item Sample

Illustrates how to dynamically make menu items unavailable and display check marks next to specific menu items.
Display Shortcut Menus Sample

Illustrates how to display shortcut menus when the user right-clicks an object.
Use Style Toolbars Sample

Illustrates how to display a custom toolbar with a picture button drop-down list similar to Microsoft Office toolbars.


Sample Class Libraries

Contains sample class libraries that provide encapsulated functionality you can add to your applications.
Visual FoxPro Foundation Classes A-Z

Describes Visual FoxPro Foundation classes you can use for rapid application development.
Reference (Visual FoxPro)

Includes Visual FoxPro general, programming language, user interface, and error message reference topics.

Related Sections

Foundation Class Samples

Contains samples that illustrate use of the Visual FoxPro Foundation classes.
Server Samples (Visual FoxPro)

Contains samples that illustrate Automation Servers.
Solution Samples

Contains samples that demonstrate particular features of Visual FoxPro and can be run independently.

Provides step-by-step instructions for common scenarios, making them a good place to begin learning about the various features of Visual FoxPro.

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