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Before you build a distributable file for your application project, exclude those project files that users change with your application from the build process.

If you exclude a file, make sure that Visual FoxPro can locate the excluded file when the application runs. If Visual FoxPro cannot find the excluded file, Visual FoxPro prompts the user to locate the file. For example, when a form references a visual class library (.vcx) file, the form stores a relative path to that library. If you exclude the library, the form must search for the library using the relative path or the Visual FoxPro search path as set with the SET PATH command. If the library is not found in the expected location, Visual FoxPro prompts the user to locate the library. If the library is included in the project, it becomes part of the application file, and the form can always locate the library.

To exclude files from a project

  1. Open the project for your application.

  2. In Project Manager, select the file that can be modified.

  3. On the Project menu, choose Exclude.

    If the file is already excluded, the Exclude command is not available. Instead, the Include command appears.

The Ø symbol appears next to the names of excluded files in the Project Manager.

To view all project files in a single list, choose Project Info on the Project menu. In the Project Information dialog box, choose the Files tab.

For more information, see Project Manager Window and Files Tab, Project Information Dialog Box.

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