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Use this dialog box to change the mapping between a database field type and the type of class (control) that Visual FoxPro creates when you drag a table or field onto a form from the Data Environment Designer, Database Designer, or Project Manager Window.

This dialog box appears when you choose Modify in the Field Mapping Tab, Options Dialog Box.


Select the database field type for which you want to change the mapping. By default, the field type is selected that was selected in the Field Type Mapping tab.

Class information


Enter a class library that contains the class that you want to have Visual FoxPro create when a field of the specified type is dragged onto a form. If this box is blank, the field type is mapped to a Visual FoxPro base class.

Choose this to display the Open Dialog Box, from which you can select a class library.

Select the name of a class to map to the specified field type. The list contains only the classes in the library you chose; to display the Visual FoxPro base classes in this box, clear the Library box. The base class and description of the selected class, if available, is displayed below the class name.

Choose this to create the mapping. Choose Apply if you want to change a mapping but keep the Field Type Mapping dialog box open to change another mapping. To change a single mapping, choose OK.

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