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Perl Tutorial

    Chapter 1.  Strings
      Accessing Substrings
      Establishing a Default Value
      Exchanging Values Without Using Temporary Variables
      Converting Between Characters and Values
      Using Named Unicode Characters
      Processing a String One Character at a Time
      Reversing a String by Word or Character
      Treating Unicode Combined Characters as Single Characters
      Canonicalizing Strings with Unicode Combined Characters
      Treating a Unicode String as Octets
      Expanding and Compressing Tabs
      Expanding Variables in User Input
      Controlling Case
      Properly Capitalizing a Title or Headline
      Interpolating Functions and Expressions Within Strings
      Indenting Here Documents
      Reformatting Paragraphs
      Escaping Characters
      Trimming Blanks from the Ends of a String
      Parsing Comma-Separated Data
      Constant Variables
      Soundex Matching
      Program: fixstyle
      Program: psgrep
    Chapter 2.  Numbers
      Checking Whether a String Is a Valid Number
      Rounding Floating-Point Numbers
      Comparing Floating-Point Numbers
      Operating on a Series of Integers
      Working with Roman Numerals
      Generating Random Numbers
      Generating Repeatable Random Number Sequences
      Making Numbers Even More Random
      Generating Biased Random Numbers
      Doing Trigonometry in Degrees, Not Radians
      Calculating More Trigonometric Functions
      Taking Logarithms
      SEO Social Network
      Multiplying Matrices
      Using Complex Numbers
      Converting Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal Numbers
      Putting Commas in Numbers
      Printing Correct Plurals
      Program: Calculating Prime Factors
    Chapter 3.  Dates and Times
      Finding Today's Date
      Converting DMYHMS to Epoch Seconds
      Converting Epoch Seconds to DMYHMS
      Adding to or Subtracting from a Date
      Difference of Two Dates
      Day in a Week/Month/Year or Week Number
      Parsing Dates and Times from Strings
      Printing a Date
      High-Resolution Timers
      Short Sleeps
      Program: hopdelta
    Chapter 4.  Arrays
    Chapter 5.  Hashes
    Chapter 6.  Pattern Matching
    Chapter 7.  File Access
    Chapter 8.  File Contents
    Chapter 9.  Directories
    Chapter 10.  Subroutines
    Chapter 11.  References and Records
    Chapter 12.  Packages, Libraries, and Modules
    Chapter 13.  Classes, Objects, and Ties
    Chapter 14.  Database Access
    Chapter 15.  Interactivity
    Chapter 16.  Process Management and Communication
    Chapter 17.  Sockets
    Chapter 18.  Internet Services
    Chapter 19.  CGI Programming
    Chapter 20.  Web Automation
    Chapter 21.  mod_perl
    Chapter 22.  XML
    Index .

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