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USB in Food. BBQ Stays Longer with USB Drive

Following the consumers’ trends, TheUSBzone.com is introducing BBQ series USB flash drive under the food USB series

TheUSBZone.com is adding the BBQ series USB flash drive into their food usb series. The alluring appearance with practical functions will appeal to a large group of food or gadget lovers.

The BBQ series includes BBQ chicken wing, drumstick, and Chinese roasted pork. This BBQ usb drive is made of silicone and plastic, which keeps the tenderness from the actual food. The clear coating also prolongs the juiciness of the meat. Compare to other OEM flash drive, the girth of the food usb is about the same as others – even it may look a little bit bulkier. Regardless of the slightly oversize, the realistic outlook of the BBQ usb drive wins.

The memory stick is installed inside the chicken wing, drumstick or roasted pork. With the cap at the end, the memory stick is fully protected from any possible scratches. The cap is tightly fit that will not fall apart easily.

In terms of functionality, these usb flash drives perform just the same as other flash drives available in the market – data transfer rate up to 40MBps, supporting USB 1.1/2.0 interfaces. Simple plug and play, with no drive needed, it runs well in operating system from Windows 98/XP/NT/2000/Vista to Mac.

“Consumers are looking for more creative peripherals now.” Clara Lai, TheUSBZone spokeswoman said. “This is an idea of combining daily needs – food – and daily use – flash usb drive.” The BBQ usb drives are suitable for “daily practical use, personal collections, and gifts for friends. Our customers are proud of buying it as a gift as it is more creative and unique than the usb drive in simple design.”

These BBQ usb flash drives are already available at TheUSBZone online store, at a price range US$27-37.99 for 4GB and 8GB.

For additional information on this release, please contact Clara Lai or visit www.theusbzone.com.

About TheUSBZone

TheUSBZone.com, located at the Greatest Los Angeles California, commits to provide a wide selection of usb products. TheUSBZone combines the latest technology with the fashionable design, giving our customers a useful and playful experience. Specialized in food usb flash drive, innovative usb hubs and creative usb gadgets are also available at TheUSBZone.

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