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Thank you for your interest to submit your press release. We offer two different methods to publish your news release:

Free option:

Which is ad-supported.
You can submit one hyperlink in your press release, which could be followed by nofollow attribute.
You cannot submit any images.
Your news release could be removed at any time.
Your submission is not guaranteed. There is no feedback for this option.

Advanced version:

Which allows you to submit a logo / image (place direct links) and removes any Advertisement.
You can submit up to 3 hyperlinks in your news release without nofollow attribute.
Announcement of your press release will appear on the main page of the news release section.
There will be no outgoing links except yours.
Increase your website traffic.
Increase your website link popularity
It costs $20.
You press release will be placed forever.
You will be contacted after submission regarding payment.

Submission Guidelines

Yaldex.com is not accepting submissions promoting online pharmacies, beer or hard alcohol, gambling, hacking/cracking content, adult or mature content, excessive advertising, tobacco or tobacco-related products, prescription drugs and also other content that promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others.

Only press releases from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) will be accepted.
Press release must be about a new or improved product or service.
Product must be recently introduced to the marketplace and new to industry.
Press releases must include date of release, contact, and company information.
Your news release must have unique content.

Regarding Political Campaigns:

We will not admit or publish any releases from any of the political candidates or their spokespersons. It has always been our stance that we do not promote religion nor do we publish anything in an unfavorable light concerning religion. Thank you for your understanding.

We might also add that we will not publish any releases that are racist, sexist, or that portray religion in any unfavorable light.

Please fill in all fields to submit your press release to our online distribution center. Once posted, our editors will review your press release and publish it within 48 hours. Optionally you can choose a release date for your press release.

Have Submission Questions? Please read:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Write an effective Press Release

This is a news service. We do not guarantee coverage of every new product or release. Yaldex.com reserves the right to exclude any press releases that do not comply with editorial criteria.

Please allow 48 hours for it to appear. All submissions are reviewed by our editors before they are accepted

*Important: Please do not use all CAPS in any of the fields below.

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