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German Aristocrat loves to swim with sharks and works to protect them

Interesting story about a 69 year old German Aristocrat, who loves to jump into the water with Tiger sharks, Hammerheads, Bull sharks, lemon sharks, you name it

To jump into the water with all kinds of sharks is not what people normally do for outdoor sports. However, this man fell in love with sharks after an initial cage dive with Great White Sharks and now he has over 120 shark dives logged. He loves all kind of Reef sharks, Lemon sharks, Bull sharks, Hammerhead sharks and his great favorite: Tiger sharks. Sharks have a very bad reputation, they are often called "killers" and "man-eaters" by people who don't know much about them. Sharks don't eat people but they bite sometimes and a few people die every year from those bites by bleeding to death. More people get bitten by dogs,than by sharks. Bees kill 20 times more people per year in the US alone than sharks kill world-wide.

Unfortunately, people kill 100 million sharks per year. Most of them are killed for shark fin soup in China or as by-catch from long-line fishing vessels. Some shark species have been reduced to 10% of their normal populations, like the blue sharks and the hammerheads. Most people are not aware of the importance of sharks in the very complex ecosystem ocean. If we lose the sharks, we will lose the oceans.

The oceans, however, are the life support system for the human race. Among food and many other things they produce 70% of our oxygen, without which we cannot survive either. Looking at the website www.sharkprotect.com will explain in more detail, how important sharks are for all of us. They should not be killed for a soup in China, nor for a photo of some macho fishermen who want to inflate their ego.

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