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Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) What is your idea of what a press release is to include?

(A) While there could be many answers to that we consider a press release to be something that promotes an idea or product that is interesting or of benefit to many people. The mere fact that someone is selling an item or product does not in and of itself make it a quality press release.

(Q) How many news releases can my company submit? Is there a limit?

(A) You many only submit 1 press release per week per website per company (free submission). If you are found abusing the free submission then we will have no choice but to ban your company from using our services.

(Q) Is there any way I can chart the distribution and pickup of my release?

(A) We have no way of knowing who accesses the releases and we do not track them.

(Q) Can I add hyperlinks to my press release?

(A) Yes, you can add one hyperlink in free submission and three hyperlinks in paid submission.

(Q) What formats do you accept for logos and images for the paid releases?

(A) We would like for them to be in jpeg, gif or png format so that we can work with them. Place direct links in your news releases.

(Q) Can I have a logo or image on a free press release?

(A) No, We only permit logos or images with the paid news releases.

(Q) How long does my paid release remain on the main page?

(A) Your press release stays on the main page just on the day it is published but your page at www.yaldex.com stays on our site forever unless we are asked to remove it by you or there is another valid reason for its removal.

(Q) Do you publish all press releases that are submitted to you?

(A) There can be reasons why a news release is not published by us. Those reasons are due to sexually explicit content, profanity within the press release, as well as anything that could be cause for legal action such as slander, libel etc. These are just some of the reasons a news release would not be published.

We will not accept or publish any press releases from any of the political candidates or their spokespersons. We might also add that we will not publish any news releases that are racist, sexist or that portray religion in any unfavorable light. It has always been our stance that we do not promote religion nor do we publish anything in an unfavorable light concerning religion.

(Q) Can I use all capital letters in my news release or in the heading of my release?

(A) Our requirements are that releases not be in capital letters. This is viewed by some as yelling and is also considered by many to be rude in nature.

(Q) Can I specify my press release for a certain geographical area?

(A) Our news releases are not distributed by geographical area but are readily available to anyone who accesses our site. We can not distribute our releases in that manner.

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