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How to Have Good Shopping Karma

The shopping season has ended everyone still needs to shop and get what they want. Limited budgets and crisis are the words of the day

“SHOTGUN SHOPPING”, a guide to deal with over-consuming habits and get dream deals by Sheevaun Moran, who has appeared on such media as The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Women’s Day, CBS, KCRW, KSNX, and dozens of other media. This humorous guide will show you how to get exactly what you want RIGHT NOW, for a smidgeon of the price.

Sheevaun Moran is a storyteller in the old fashion sense and through her adventures she shares how to inspire you to reach the highest highs and the ultimate buys. “Shotgun Shopping” will create a new vocabulary in the world of shopping and in the world of manifesting. You will be inspired to 1) end negative buying situations, 2) find out what your priceline is, 3) escape the “Everything is too Expensive and I don’t have Enough Money” mindset, and 4) how intuition can actually be used for those secret deals.

Discover how Sheevaun got amazing deals and has woven that into tips and techniques throughout this humorous book. Learn how she learned her own lessons by being late for the Dalai Llama for a pair of shoes. “This book has so many tips and techniques that helped remind me that everything I buy needs to have a lot more clarity so that my mindset is much more positive. I gave away an antique chandelier because it reminded me of depressing times growing up and now I feel so much happier when I’m in my dining room with the furniture I love and got a great deal on.” Said Amanda Coyne

As a corporate executive, who despised shopping yet needed designer clothes, Sheevaun developed 13 techniques find fabulous bargains in 20 minutes or less. She is now the master teacher and owner of Energetic Solutions, showing people how to find fast energetic solutions to a wide range of life issues. The secrets in “SHOTGUN SHOPPING” will teach you to become an expert at getting ANYTHING you want, whether it’s apartments, relationships, jobs, or whatever your heart desires.

The book “SHOTGUN SHOPPING” is available at www.ShotgunShoppingBook.com.

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