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Clinton Refuses To Disappear

Most people thought Bill Clinton was finished. Instead, he keeps rising from the political ashes

Wine needs to mature to bring out its full body flavor. So it seems to be with Bill Clinton, who as one writer said, 'Rode into the World Economic Forum as a lone voice'. His was the only positive during the entire forum.

Amidst this year's doom and gloom of the WEF, was the 'almost-accidental' diplomat, the former United States president, Bill Clinton. Though only in Davos, Switzerland, around twenty-four hours, Clinton left a very clear and positive mark. Valerie Jarret, President Obama's aide, was the official spokesperson for the White House. She was a very unimpressive presence.

Long fingers were pointed, accompanied by piercing voices, as the Russian and Chinese premiers used every opportunity possible to lay the blame for the near worldwide financial collapse, squarely on America's shoulders. However, as they all too quickly laid the guilt on the USA, they failed to see that while one accusing finger pointed forward, three other fingers pointed back at themselves. Nonone in this global mess can say they are blameless.

Bill Clinton's charismatic figure soared through the deathlike gloom like a superstar. From the first few moments of his special plenary session with Klaus Schwab, the original designer of WEF, to his public spirit-boosting talks and full agenda of private meetings with foreign dignitaries, Clinton shone. He steadfastly accepted the United States role in the current situation, without question. However, when referring to the cutting words which the Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao had served to the forum, Clinton was adamant that, "China must continue subsidizing the United States budget and trade deficit in order to preserve its own vital export industries". He continuously encouraged everyone to, "Give people confidence by showing confidence. Don't give up. This is still a good time to be alive".

Clinton openly declared that, "Global interdependence is more important than anything else in the world today. We cannot escape each other. Divorce is not an option". All nations have to take a share of the blame.

Among Clinton's private appointments was a 90 minute session with the Russian Premier and former prime minister, Vladimir Putin, behind sealed doors. Neither would say what their meeting had been about.

WEF, inaugurated in 1971, is an annual get together of prominent leaders. Their aim being to globalize the world, politically, economically and socially. These influential men and women have found their financial value and moral credibility vastly decreased in light of the near worldwide financial collapse.

The highlights of the WEF were displayed on the home page of their website. It declares China's Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, as saying, "China's economy is showing signs of early recovery, late last December, even though they are only small signs".

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