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New Treatment for Gymnastic Injuries

To key to avoid gymnastics injuries, is that the athlete must train to properly absorb force

Gymnastics injuries are incredibly common as the sport involves stretching, jumping, twisting, extending and all of the other motions that often lead to injury. If you get involved with the sport of gymnastics, sometime during your training or competition expect an injury.

Gymnastic injuries can range from strained, pulled and torn muscles to dislocated, fractured and broken bones. Gymnasts are susceptible to both traumatic and overuse injuries despite practicing a non-contact sport, which illustrates the high levels of skill involved.

The most common gymnastics injuries are sprained ankles, wrist injuries, lower back pain, knee injury and shoulder pain.

To key to avoid gymnastics injuries, is that the athlete must train to properly absorb force. The muscles are designed to properly absorb force and impact and when they don’t that force is transferred to the joint causing injury. The proper strength will allow for the proper flexibility, balance and endurance needed to compete at high levels. Improve these areas…reduce the chance of injury.

Technique is everything when it comes to gymnastics and the same applies to avoiding gymnastic injuries. A gymnast with good form and technique is much less likely to pick up injuries than one who isn’t carrying out maneuvers correctly. However, without the proper strength the young athlete should NOT advance to level that the techniques require advance strength and endurance. This is where injury takes place and sometimes…serious injury.

Dr. Malcolm Conway has become the area’s expert in treating many gymnastic injuries. He has worked with several gymnastics teams including North East Gymnastics and the Allentown Parkettes amongst many other teams. Dr. Conway developed the Accelerated Rapid Relief treatment that allows for most injuries to heal much faster than conventional treatment.

When an injury occurs to the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) most people think that you have to treat with ice and pills. This is old fashion thinking which sets the person up for longer term disability. Scar tissue set in the joint or the muscle making it much harder to treat and regain mobility.

Dr. Conway has co-developed the MyoFascial Disruption Technique (MFDT) that has shown in clinical treatments relieving pain 95% faster than conventional treatment. This is the secret on how Dr. Conway is able to get his injured athletes back on the field so fast.

Dr. Conway understands the discipline and the commitment that is involved with gymnastics. Rapid Relief is what he understands for most athletes and his new breakthrough treatments can have most athletes competing quickly again.

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