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Obesity and poor fitness

With video games,satellite tv and social networking sites being part of everday life for most youngsters and adults these days,it's seems important that we re-capture the the physical aspect of life

Obesity and ‘lack of general health and fitness’ are growing problems in today’s World, particularly amongst the younger generations of westernised countries such as the US and UK. Whilst there are many opinions on the reasons for these occurrences, it makes common sense to link part of the problem to the increased use of video games, the watching of (rather than participating in) sports and the formation of global social networking sites. All these can be great fun, but lack one key ingredient fundamental to leading a fulfilling and healthy life – motion!

This observation has led to the creation of http://www.competitiveurge.com/ , a social networking site with a real difference. Whilst present Social Networking Sites encourage users to ‘poke’ or ‘hug’ fellow members, CompetitiveUrge.com aims to stimulate competition and physical activity via a whole range of challenges and contests. These challenges can be as weird and wonderful as the user desires, their imagination is the only limiting factor.

Whilst presently only in it’s infancy, we believe CompetitiveUrge.com is the perfect tool for encouraging sporting activity and promoting health and fitness amongst users, as competition is perhaps the greatest form of motivation.

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