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Seo search engine optimization tutorial for beginners.

Table of contents #2

keyword suggestions
Choosing Effective Keywords
Forbidden search terms and poison words
Vulgar words
Forecasting search volumes
the cost per acquisition (CPA)
Finalizing your keyword list
The Long Tail of Search
Writing Ad Descriptions
Monitoring and Analyzing Results
Understanding Keyword Placement
Title tags
Maximizing Pay-per-Click Strategies
Meta description tags
all search engines use the description
Anchor text
search engine crawls your site
What works best is to use as many of the keywords
One more strategy for anchor text that you should consider
Header tag content
Headings on a web page
Body text
Alt tags
Alt tags in graphic links
using alternative tags
URLS and File Names
URL is much shorter
Increasing Keyword Success
Writing Keyword Advertisement Text
Include keywords in your ad text
Call visitors to action
Create Great Landing Pages
The landing page for an FTD PPC
PPC ad
Understanding and Using A/B Testing
Avoiding Keyword Stuffing
Mass marketing techniques
What Is Behavioral Targeting?
Taking Advantage of Behavioral Targeting
Repetitive behavior
Additional Behavioral Targeting Tips
One more problem
most fortunate aspects
Keyword Budgeting
PPC campaign
A Different Kind of Auction
Understanding Bid Management
Automated bid management
A single interface for multiple PPC campaigns
Costly Click Fraud
Tracking Keywords and Conversions
Tracking using a spreadsheet
PPC provider.
Reducing Pay-per-Click Costs
Facial tissue
Negative keywords
Typical Dayparting Schedule
Improving Click-Through Rates
More about Click Fraud
The ROI of PPC
Some PPC companies
Keyword Tools and Services
Google AdWords
Campaign management
PPC ads
My account
Yahoo! Search Marketing
Ad Group
Create Campaign
Microsoft adCenter
Accounts & Billing
Tagging Your Web Site
How Does Site Tagging Work?
Additional HTML Tags
Strong and emphasis
Table summary tag
Acronym and abbreviation tags
Tagging: Social Bookmarking
Using Redirect Pages
404 Error Pages

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