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Seo search engine optimization tutorial for beginners.

Table of contents #3

The Content Piece of the Puzzle
How Does Web-Site Content Affect SEO?
Elements of Competitive Content
determined what is most interesting
To Use or Not? Duplicate Content
Google uses a Similar Pages link
Stopping Copyright Infringement
crawler will try to find the original location
Stay Away from Search Engine Spam
Hidden and tiny text
Bait and switch
Considerations for Multi-Lingual Sites
Content Management Systems
How CMS affects SEO
Understand and Use Viral Content
Back during the early days of the Internet
How Links Affect SEO
PageRank Algorithm Including Damping Factor
PageRank is derived in large part from the PageRanks of other pages
How Links and Linking Work
Snagging inbound links
Press Releases
Creating outbound links
Keep your links relevant
Taking advantage of cross-linking
how do search engines know if one person owns all of the sites that are cross-linked?
The skinny on link farms
The Basics of Link Building
Using Internal Links
Judging the Effectiveness of Your Links
Optimizing Search Strategies
Adding Your Site to Directories
What Are Directories?
Submitting to directories
Open Directory Project
Major online directories
Geo-Targeting SEO Strategies
Using Submission Tools
Optimizing Search Strategies
Pay-for-Inclusion Services
Fee-Based Inclusion Services
When to Use Pay-for-Inclusion Services
Managing Paid Services
Hiring the Right Professionals
Contract Considerations
When the Relationship Isn’t Working
Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers
What Are Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers?
What’s the Robot Exclusion Standard?
file robots.txt
Google: Googlebot
Robots Meta Tag
Inclusion with XML Site Mapping
Creating your own XML site map
XML Tags Used for Site Mapping
XML site map
Submitting your site map
The Truth About SEO Spam
What Constitutes SEO Spam?
Inconspicuous links
Use Caution with Link-Trading Strategies
Why Is SEO Spam a Bad Idea?
Avoiding SEO Spam
Keep your site user-friendly
Adding Social-Media Optimization
Types of Social Media and Networks
Type of Social Description
What Is Social-Media Optimization?
What’s different about social-media optimization?
Social-Media Strategies
Encourage the mashup
Don’t be afraid to try new things, stay fresh
Measuring Social-Media Optimization
have a blog
Automated Optimization
Should You Automate?
It’s Not Always a Penalty
Automation Tools
Automation works
Maintaining SEO
It’s Not Over
SEO efforts

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