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machine.config file 
    configuration sections 
    disabling view state 
    handler declarations section 
machineKey configuration section 
macros, Visual Studio .NET 
managed code, performance and 
managed providers, ADO.NET 
Mastering Regular Expressions 2nd Edition 
MaxLength property, TextBox control 
Me window, debugging and 
Memory windows, debugging 
memory, application state and 
MessageName property, WebMethod attribute 
metacharacters, regular expressions and 
metadata, assemblies and 
    callback methods 
    DataAdapter class 
    DataBind( ) 
    DataReader class 
    DataSet class, ADO.NET object model 
    DataTable class, ADO.NET object model 
    Get( ) 
    HttpCachePolicy class 
    instance methods, global.asax file 
    overloading  2nd 
        IsPostBack property and 
    UpdateDB, event handlers 
    web methods 
    web services, discovery and 
MMC (Microsoft Management Console), authentication and 
mode attribute, <sessionState> section 
Modules window, debugging and 
MoveNext/MovePrevious commands 
multiple selection list boxes 
Musciano, Chuck  2nd 

JavaScript Editor Javascript validator     Javascripts