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In addition to the Report Designer's builder events, which are hooks into the report design process, Visual FoxPro also provides hooks into the process of running reports. These hooks are exposed through the ReportListener, an instance of which is used in object-assisted reporting.

There are two ways to enable object-assisted reporting:

The topics in this section introduce the preview container component used by the ReportListener class when rendering previews in object-assisted reporting, and how to leverage it in your applications.

In This Section

The Preview Container API

Describes the properties and methods that a class must implement to be used as a Preview Container.
Creating a Custom Preview Container

Describes how to replace the default preview container with your own custom component that can provide report preview functionality thoughout your application automatically when you SET REPORTBEHAVIOR 90.
Leveraging the Default Preview Container

Describes the additional capabilities of the Preview Container component provided by the Preview Container Object Factory application shipped with Visual FoxPro and referenced by the _REPORTPREVIEW system variable, by default.
How to: Specify and Distribute ReportPreview.App

Explains how to distribute ReportPreview.App, either as a separate App file with your application, or by integrating the source code into your application's project.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development