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Toggle armored output (PECL gnupg:0.1-1.3.1)
bool gnupg_setarmor ( resource identifier, int armor )

Pass a non-zero integer-value to this function to enable armored-output (default). Pass 0 to disable armored output.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


Example 852. Procedural gnupg_setarmor() example

= gnupg_init();
gnupg_setarmor($res,1); // enable armored output;
gnupg_setarmor($res,0); // disable armored output;

Example 853. OO gnupg_setarmor() example

= new gnupg();
$gpg -> setarmor(1); // enable armored output;
$gpg -> setarmor(0); // disable armored output;