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Sets the mode for error_reporting (PECL gnupg:0.6-1.3.1)
void gnupg_seterrormode ( resource identifier, int errormode )

errormode takes a constant indicating what type of error_reporting should be used. The possible values are GNUPG_ERROR_WARNING, GNUPG_ERROR_EXCEPTION and GNUPG_ERROR_SILENT. By default GNUPG_ERROR_SILENT is used.

Return Values

No value is returned.


Example 854. Procedural gnupg_seterrormode() example

= gnupg_init();
gnupg_seterrormode($res,GNUPG_ERROR_WARNING); // raise a PHP-Warning in case of an error

Example 855. OO gnupg_seterrormode() example

= new gnupg();
$gpg -> seterrormode(gnupg::ERROR_EXCEPTION); // throw an exception in case of an error