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Located in the Visual FoxPro Tools\Addlabel folder, makes it possible for you to add custom label sizes to the new label dialog box in the label designer by adding new sizes to the Windows Registry.

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Adding Label Sizes

If you don't see a label size that you need in the Label Designer, you can add label sizes to the New Label dialog box by adding new label definitions.

To add a label definition

  1. Run

  2. In the Custom Labels dialog box, choose New.

  3. In the Label Name box of the New Label Definition dialog box, enter a name for the new label definition. This name will be displayed in the New Label dialog box when you create a new label.

  4. In the text boxes that are displayed over the label illustration, type values for label height, width and margins. You also need to specify how many labels to print in a row in the Number Across spinner.

  5. Choose Add.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development