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Located in the Visual FoxPro Tools\Cpzero folder, Cpzero.prg removes the code page mark from any file that has a table file structure. After removing the mark, Cpzero applies another mark that you specify.

Typically, you use Cpzero with files from other platforms or earlier versions of FoxPro. If these files do not have code page marks when you open them, Visual FoxPro prompts you for a code page. If you specify the wrong code page, however, the data in the files won't display properly. To correct the code page, use Cpzero.

DO Cpzero [WITH "filename"[, codepage_number]]



Specifies the name of the file and must be delimited with single or double quotation marks. If filename is not included, a Locate File dialog box is displayed.

Specifies the desired code page number. If it is not included, the Code Page dialog box is displayed.
Before you run Cpzero on a table, make sure it is closed.


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* Remove the code page from MYFILE.DBF and specify 437 
* as the new code page.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development