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You can use the Data Session window to open and display tables or views, establish temporary relationships, and set work area properties.

Current Session

Displays the name of the current data session.

Displays the view name or table name without the file extension.

Indicates the temporary relationship established between the tables or views in the Aliases box.

Displays the Work Area Properties dialog box, in which you can modify the structure of a table, select index files and fields, and define data filters. If no tables or views are listed in the Aliases box, an Open dialog box appears to make it possible for you to open a table or view.

Displays the table or view selected in the Aliases box in a Browse window, where you can examine, edit, or append data.

Displays an Open dialog box, similar to the Add Table or View dialog box, so you can select a table or view to open.

Removes the selected table or view and any associated files from the Aliases box.

Defines the relations between tables or views, using the Expression Builder dialog box. The Set Index Order dialog box appears before the Expression Builder dialog box when no index order has been set between the two tables.

Displays the Create One-To-Many Relationships dialog box, which makes it possible for you to establish a one-to-many temporary relationship between child tables and parent tables. This button is enabled when you establish relations between two or more tables by selecting them in the View dialog box and then clicking Relations.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development