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You can configure the window of the Visual FoxPro editor to display text the way you want such as setting the font, text alignment, or syntax coloring. You can also make the editor easier to use by setting preferences for indentation, wordwrap, automatic backup copies, and other features.

To configure the editing window, set your preferences in the Edit Properties dialog box that appears after you open a program or text file open and select Properties from the Edit menu. For details about settings you can configure, see Edit Properties Dialog Box.

To display the Edit Properties dialog box

  1. Open the editing window for a program, text file, or control.

  2. From the Edit menu that becomes active, select Properties.

    You can display the Font dialog box directly by right-clicking the editing window and choosing Font from the shortcut menu.

For more information about opening a program or text file, see How to: Create Programs.

By default, the settings that you make in the Edit Properties dialog box persist for that file. For example, if you change the font, the font for all text in the current window changes. If you open another editing window, the default settings apply.

You can choose to save your settings so that they apply to all files of the same type, or not to save the new settings at all. If you apply your settings to similar file types, Visual FoxPro uses the settings you make when you edit files with the same extension, for example, all .prg files, or all method code in the Form Designer.

To avoid persisting changes to editor settings

  • In the Edit Properties window, clear the Save Preferences option and then click OK.

To apply editor options to similar files

  • In the Edit Properties dialog box, select Use These Preferences As Default and then click OK.

You can also set the color and font that the editor uses to identify keywords, comments, and other elements of programs. For details, see Editor Tab, Options Dialog Box.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development